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We have lived under the reign and tyranny of cows for longer than we can remember. The time has come for us humans to stick together, and make a fist against these black-and-white colored assholes. Today is the day we say ‘NO MORE!’

Just look at the smerky look this asshole has on it's face. Like it owns the place. It's up to you and your plane to set these cows straight! You can dive right through them by pressing the SPACEBAR!

Look out.. if your plane touches one of these your toast! no matter how big your powermeter is! Also, when they hit the ground they break open and cows jump out!

Power meter
The power-meter also acts as your health-meter. If the meter reaches 0 or below, the game will end. Pick up cow-bells (see below) to increase the meter. If you hit a cow, the meter will decrease.

While the meter increases you will unlock new powerups!

Cow bell
After killing a cow, you need to collect these bells for points. They will also fill up your powermeter, which will unlock powerups for your plane!

Powerup #1: Speed
This will make your plane go faster!

Powerup #2: Power Dash
If you double tap either left or right you can preform a power dash. This is basically the same as a dive, expect it goes straight! Now you can kill cows mid-air! hell yeah!

Powerup #3: Jet engine fire
Your jet engine will boost a nice flame! Use this to set cows on fire!

Powerup #4: score multiplier
This will multiply your score times 4!

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